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Get Fast & Affordable Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning can be exhausting, especially when you get limited time with your family. But, cleaning your home premises is extremely important to maintain a living standard and hygiene. Dubai is known for its weather extremes, along with sand storms. Under such a circumstance, you have to dedicate effort to deep cleaning services in Dubai for your home.

We understand that it sounds overwhelming after a hectic day or week. Don’t worry, as Part Time Maid Dubai has got your back. We have the right solution to all your deep cleaning worries with our cleaning company Dubai. Hire our in-house professional part-time maids and experience a fresh and clean home with deep cleaning Dubai services.

Whether you are thinking about spring cleaning, an occasional cleaning, or deep cleaning before moving in or out, everything is available through Part Time Maid Dubai. Experience the best deep clean services in Dubai for your bedroom, couches, carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Don’t risk your health, especially when you are moving into a new apartment and it lacks a deep cleaning service.

Get in touch with Part Time Maid Dubai and its professionals to have an immediate and comfortable deep cleaning in Dubai. The advantage of deep cleaning Dubai includes improved indoor quality, and it keeps breathing complications away.

Therefore, avail our deep cleaning services in Dubai without giving it a second thought and experience cleanliness like never before. Additionally, you need not compromise your valuable family- or me-time if you trust our cleaning company Dubai.

Regular Home Deep Cleaning Service

According to the latest statistics derived from indoor health surveys, Dubai’s air pollution is threatening indoor air quality too. And, you just can’t get rid of such devastating indoor air pollution with regular cleaning services.

How are deep cleaning Dubai services different from regular cleaning services?

Regular cleaning services include mostly dusting and mopping only the common surfaces in your home. Regular cleaning services don’t involve cleaning your house's furniture, fixtures, and additionals. Whereas deep cleaning in Dubai comprises cleaning every furniture, fixture, bathroom tile, window, fan, and everything else.

That’s not the end of the deep cleaning in Dubai services. Cleaning professionals or maids have to sanitise surfaces, appliances, etc. Additionally, carpets, sofas, and any relevant furniture will receive steam and cleaning services, if required. Here are our extraordinary deep cleaning services in Dubai for unveiling the dignity of your home.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning Services

The bedrooms are the places where you rest after a tiring day. It’s needless to say that a bedroom should be as clean as possible. Don’t take chances with your health and consider our specialised deep cleaning services in Dubai. Our maids will thoroughly clean and mop surfaces.

In addition to this, they will clean every bedroom appliance, such as light fixtures, fans, and others. They will clean the switchboard and remove the stain from the wall. Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten the window treatments, such as blinds and curtains, and we will clean them along with the windows with microfiber cloths. Besides this, we pay special attention to bedroom floors and mirrors

Living Room Deep Cleaning Services

Your living room is the centre of attraction of your home for your guests. Whether it's spring cleaning or a house party knocking at your door, you can go for a deep cleaning service. Additionally, your living room contains luxurious furniture, and you can’t take risks with the regular cleaning.

Consider the best cleaning company for deep cleaning Dubai services for the living room. Our maids will dust and mop floors and additional surfaces, and they will clean lampshades, fans, windows, furniture, rails and other appliances in the living room. We are aware of the importance of sanitisation in the era of COVID. And, we complete our deep cleaning in Dubai service with sanitisation.

When it comes to the living room, we can’t ignore two things, and we are sure that you also can’t. They are the carpet and the sofa. However, we have a specialised vacuum and steam cleaning for your sofa and carpet. We all are aware of the fact how stubborn the stains on sofas and carpets are. But, we are superior in removing those stains and presenting your sofas and carpets in their brand new look.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

No doubt, your kitchen should be the most hygienic place in your home. However, cleaning all the stains out of the oven might not be easy for everyone. Don’t stress yourself and hire our professional and experienced maids to get a competent kitchen deep cleaning service. Our maids will clean up your kitchen drawers, cabinets, countertops, tables, and chairs.

Additionally, our maids will perform a steam cleaning of the refrigerator, microwave, gas range, ovens, and other kitchen appliances. After that, they would mop and sterile kitchen surfaces and floors. We aim to leave your kitchen spotless and worth complimenting.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most hated tasks among household chores. However, it’s not appreciated to keep growing grouts and moulds inside your bathroom. After all, you take a refreshing bath to start and end your day peacefully. The sight of spider webs and dirt might not be a pleasing experience for you and your guests.

Therefore, hire deep cleaning professionals from Part Time Maid Dubai and get rid of such shocking sights. Additionally, keeping the mirror sparkling clean is another challenge, and we would love to take that challenge for you.

Our maids will leave your bathroom mirrors spotlessly clean and dry. Additionally, they will scrub the bathtub and floors to maintain the ultimate beauty of your bathroom.

In addition to this, we also have toilet seat cleaning, bathroom mat cleaning, and much more under our bathroom deep cleaning services. We don’t leave bathroom mats and carpets soggy; we dry them completely so that you experience a premium service from us.

Additional Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

If you are moving in or out, it’s better to go for deep cleaning in Dubai. For your new home, deep cleaning services in Dubai make sure that you are not stepping on the garbage. Similarly, nobody would like to enter a house where you used to live as a tenant. Consider a deep cleaning service for move-in or move-out purposes from Part Time Maid Dubai.

You can go for wardrobe deep cleaning and door cleaning services for a 360-degree cleaning experience. You can include balcony cleaning and everything you need to deep clean your apartments, villas, and houses. We recommend that you make an advanced booking so that our maids get enough time to execute deep cleaning services in Dubai efficiently.

Why Choose Our Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai?

Part Time Maid Dubai is a promising cleaning company in Dubai. We think that you should avail yourself of expert deep cleaning Dubai services for your home to keep it safe from diseases.

You need not carry the burden of cleaning every time. Instead, you can join our cleaning services and give yourself a break.

Here’s why you should reach our deep cleaning in Dubai services.

Contact our Deep Cleaning Dubai Experts Today

Professional deep cleaning is not only a luxurious experience but also a guarantee of an improved lifestyle. You are investing in a hygienic lifestyle, and we welcome your decision. Part Time Maid Dubai is proud to be your cleaning partner, and we are doing great as a leading cleaning company in Dubai.

Connect to our expert and skilled team of maids for diverse deep cleaning services in Dubai. Call us and share your cleaning requirements along with your location and schedule. We would reach you on time and serve you with the best deep cleaning in Dubai. To know more about our services, contact our customer support executives.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I schedule part-time maid services in Dubai?

We have kept the booking process simple, precise and easy to understand. Visit our website, and choose the service you want and a preferred schedule. And, don’t forget to mention the date while booking our part-time maid services. Contact our enquiry cleaning services Dubai team if you have any doubts.

Our certified experts are available round the clock to tailor your needs. Book our services at the earliest possible and get affordable service deals. We will arrive at your doorstep once you complete the booking process. Schedule an appointment with us and get effective cleaning results.

How long will it take to reserve a spot?

We take less than 20-30 minutes to confirm your cleaning appointment. Our team will send you a confirmation email after completing the booking process. Check the mail and if you have queries, contact our customer service executives. We deployed the best cleaning companies Enquiry UAE experts.

Our customer support team will clarify all your service-related concerns. Ensure to provide the right details when hiring our experts. Because you can’t change those after we confirm the reservation. Dial our customer helpline number if you didn't get the confirmation message. We will review all the details and send the email immediately.

What happens after I book a maid online?

Once you complete the booking, we will connect you with professionals who are best suited for the job. And, our experts will arrive at your place at the right time. We will be there with the tools required for cleaning the home or office. Our professionals will remove the dirt and grimes from the contaminated areas.

Our part-time maids will mop the floors. We will remove the tough stains from the walls and kitchen appliances. And, our professional cleaners will disinfect the house, if required. We will assist you in cleaning the soiled clothes and linens. Contact our Enquiry Cleaning services Dubai experts to get more information.

How can I be sure that I always have the same maid?

Visit our website and choose our top-notch part-time services. Click “Book Now” and mention whom you want to hire for cleaning the home or office. And, you also need to choose the time when you want the maid to come. We will send the expert to your mentioned location to mitigate your requirements.

We will even notify you when the expert is available. Connect with our enquiry cleaning services Dubai team to book the same maid. And, share with us the maid’s name that you would like to book an appointment with. We ensure our customers get the best service by fulfilling their needs.

How much does a part-time maid cleaning service cost in Dubai?

The monthly part-time maid cleaning service cost is AED50-AED60. But, this might vary depending on the type of service you want. Besides, if you need to hire our maids for an hour, the service price will be AED30-AED40. Our cleaning companies Enquiry UAE charges AED70-AED80 for the bi-weekly maid service.

We take AED15-AED20 for weekly maid cleaning services, and the service cost might increase based on the number of rooms we have to cover. Join our customer support team to get a clear estimate of service charges. And, mention whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services to us.

How much per hour do cleaning services cost in Dubai?

The hour of the cleaning service depends on the cleaning session’s duration. We take AED 50 to AED 60 for cleaning the house/office for 2 hours. And, you have to pay AED 40 to AED 45 for hiring our experts for 3 hours. Our part-time maids charge AED 30 to AED 35 for a four hour cleaning schedule.

This cost might vary depending on the number of maids you need. You might have to pay more if you choose two experts to make the house contamination-free. Call our cleaning companies Enquiry UAE professionals to know our hourly service cost.